"Anquetil is an ancient Norse/Germanic name. 'Ans' was a divine title taken by the warlords of the Goths. 'Ketell' means 'cauldron'.
- Normand Anctil
"From its origin ANS-CHETILL, the surname has evolved to Anchetill, Anchetil, Anketyll, Anketell, Anktyll, Anktyll, Anctil, Antell, Antle, and Antill."
- "Ancestor Treasure Hunt, The Antill Family in England 833, America, Australia 1809" by R.V. Pockley
"The family of Antill is known to have existed in England as early as the year 833. Count Anschetillus of Normandy fought by the side of William the Conqueror, and was rewarded with vast property in Essex and Gloucestershire.
- Paul Antill
"To tell our stories is an honor and a duty."
- "Jean Anctil dit Saint-Jean: Farmer at Sainte-Anne"
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